Taylor HallThe 2017 Trine HAC Cup is being held October 10! What exactly is it? It’s our celebration of the humanities and communication fields. Local high schools are invited to attend and compete with one another in a variety of categories from literature to theater to film. Individual winners can receive up to $500 Trine University scholarships. The school who does best will be crowned HAC Cup champion!

Students will also have the opportunity to attend interactive learning sessions throughout the day covering everything from discovered poetry to gender construction through action figures. Students are encouraged to bring cell phones with them as some sessions may actively use them.

All of this is hosted on the beautiful Trine University campus in Angola, Indiana. The day is free of charge to students and schools, and includes lunch provided by Trine. Check out the information below, and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

TrineHAC Cup Tentative Schedule
Time Event
09:00 – 09:20 Registration / Welcome
09:30 – 10:00 Academic Competitions
10:05 – 10:50 Interactive Session A
10:55 – 11:40 Interactive Session B
11:40 – 12:25 Lunch
12:25 – 1:10 Interactive Session C
01:15 – 02:30 Awards Ceremony

Academic Competitions

Students have the opportunity to compete in one of the following academic competitions. Each competition consists of a 50 question multiple-choice exam on the subject matter, with the exception of Poetry Recitation.

School Champ Weighted Point System*
Competition Points
1st Place 5
2nd Place 3
3rd Place 1
* The School Champion is decided using a weighted point system similar to that in the Olympics. In the event of a tie, the winner will be based upon who had the most first place wins.

Interactive Sessions

Students have the opportunity to attend four of the following sessions.

Everyday Poetry
When you think of poetry do you think of Shakespearean sonnets or multiple-choice questions about rhyme scheme? In this interactive session, you’ll learn to see poetry in bumper stickers, magazine covers, and lines of newsprint. You’ll also create your own piece of everyday poetry.

Paper Airplanes & Instructions
Build and fly a paper airplane as an introduction to the special needs of technical writing.

Recycled Art: Finding Art in the Garbage
During this session, you’ll have the chance to unlock your creative side using a variety of recycled materials to create fun and interesting works of art. You can use anything from bottle caps to toilet paper tubes to create sculptures, jewelry, or even clothing.

Google Maps
Mapping My Life: Telling My Story with Google Maps
Social media tools, through their algorithms and big data, often control the way our story is told to others. Some people see our posts, some don’t. Some people tag us and others don’t. But social media platforms are not the only ways we can create and tell our stories. Google Maps offers a chance to create a personalized map of your life that let’s you tell your story in the words, images, and places that are important to you. Students will learn to create a new and different kind of digital story using digital maps.

Real Girls and Boys: Barbies, Action Figures and Play
When was the last time you played with dolls? Participants will “play” with dolls and learn about the ways in which gender is culturally assigned and defined at birth, while learning about gender theory and the ways in which culture influences our lives.

Super Mario da Vinci: The Art of Video Games
Video games have been a prominent medium for nearly forty years, and yet they’re just now being taken seriously as an art form. What games rise above their contemporaries as art, and what qualities should we use to evaluate them?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Literacy of Letters
When was the last time you received an actual, handwritten letter sent through the U.S. Mail? Who was it from? Most likely you were very excited to get it. Do you wonder why we don’t write more letters if we know that people love to get them? In this mini session we will look at letter writing as a part of our cultural history and discuss why a handwritten letter is so very different from an email or a text. At the end of this session you will also have an opportunity to send a handwritten letter to an American serviceperson stationed overseas.

Are You Listening? Are You REALLY Listening?
Listening is the most crucial single communication skill for professional, academic, and personal life. Listening also is far more difficult and complex than people believe. Test your current listening skills and get tips on how to improve.

Famous Last Words
Gain familiarity with and appreciation for Shakespearean language by performing the death scenes from a number of famous tragedies. The session will also serve as a brief introduction to the Bard, his work, and some of his linguistic predilections (iambs and such).

Jordan Gretzky Elway
The Greatest Athlete Ever: How to Prove the Unprovable
This session focuses on making evaluation arguments, specifically to prove which athlete is the greatest.

College: The Inside Scoop
Get the inside scoop about college from those who know best…college students. Ask questions and get real, honest answers about applying to college, choosing which program is right for you, and making the most of your time on campus.

Twitter novels
Twitter Novels
After a brief introduction to the “flash fiction” genre, which will include Ernest Hemingway’s apocryphal invention of the six word novel, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” students will produce their own “Twitter novels” in 140 characters or fewer. The sesson emphasizes close reading and producing language that is both rich and concise.

Potter houses
Team YOU: Heraldry and Houses in the Middle Ages and Contemporary Memes
Chances are, you know what Hogwarts house you belong to, and have firmly been Team Cap or Team Iron Man, or Team Stark or Team Targaryen. This session explores the neo-medievalism of identifying with houses and heraldry sweeping through contemporary culture and questions what these identifications tell us about our popular fictions and ourselves. 

The Hispanic World
The Hispanic World
This will be an interactive session with a trivia quiz on well known facts about language, culture and history facts followed by a video with clips on famous Hispanic people in the world. A short basic instruction on numbers in Spanish will lead to a Bingo game (in Spanish) to end the session. All of the students in the group will get a Mexican candy, but only the first three winners will win small trinkets from Mexico.