Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Overlooked FIlm Festival. Obviously, we cannot list every possible question here, but feel free to email us any questions you may have.

When are the films?
The film series currently shows films on Thursday nights at 7 PM. There are, however, occasionally special occasions when films might be shown on other nights or at other times. Please check the schedule.
Where are the films shown?
All films are currently screened in Fabiani Theater in the University Center at Trine University.

University Center

Who can attend the films?
All films are open to the public. People of all ages are invited to attend, though some films may not be suitable for children. Please note the film’s rating to decide for yourself.
How much do the films cost?
All films offer free admission to everyone. Screening the films actually costs quite a bit, but through the generosity of the Office off the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Humanities Institute no admission fee is charged.
Are there concessions?
Yes, the sisters of Phi Sigma currently sell concessions at each film. These include drinks, popcorn and candy. Their prices and offerings are subject to change, so please check with them upon arrival.

In addition, there are drink and snack machines, as well as water fountains, located in the University Center.

Are there any restrooms?
Of course! The most conveniently located restrooms are located right across the hall from Fabiani Theater.
Who decides which films are shown?
Currently, professor Justin Young of the Department of Humanities and Communication picks all the films for the series. Professor Young has a long background in film production and currently teaches the university’s course in Film Appreciation.
How do you decide which films to show?
The simplest guidance comes from the name of the series, The Overlooked Film Festival. We try to showcase films that are “overlooked.” This term is broad for good reason. Films may be overlooked because they received limited theatrical distribution, did not attract an audience in theaters, attracted a very narrow niche audience or a variety of other factors.
Why didn't you show such and such film?
There may be a large number of reasons why a film is chosen or not chosen for the series. There are often issues involving gaining rights to certain films.
I missed a week. Is there anyway I can still see the film?
Yes, all films are available on disc through Trine’s library, The LINK. Please note that some films are shown before their home video release date and therefore may not be available immediately through the LINK.