Gay Straight Alliance

The Trine Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is dedicated to empowering and educating all of Trine in regards to LGBT+ and trans issues. We’re a new organization on campus, but we already have some major projects in the works. For example, the GSA is looking at getting Safe Zone training in the Fall 2016 semester.

How to join
Want to get involved with the GSA? Simply contact our president Alicia Dolan (link to email), and let her know. You can also just show up to a meeting. Dues are $5.00 a year and meetings, which are not mandatory, are held biweekly.

What we do
We provide a safe environment to talk about issues that may be affecting us or the LGBT community worldwide. We have an anonymous exchange program in which people share concerns anonymously and then we discuss them as a group. On Trine’s campus, we sponsor events to raise awareness about LGBT issues and to educate the campus community. We’re growing every day and open to all kinds of new ideas. We want to hear from you.

Every other Tuesday at 6pm in Taylor 220

Contact information
President: Alicia Dolan:
Secretary: Shayna Burrage
Facebook: Like us!