Humanities Symposia

Presented by the Department of Humanities and Communication
3:30 Taylor Hall 112 – Wells Theater
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Spring 2017 Speakers

“It’s Just Pie”: What Food Can Tell Us about History and Culture
Dr. Alison Witte
Tuesday, February 28 // 3:30 PM

Why do you eat what you eat? Foodways, the study of where food traditions come from and how culture affects food, may hold the answer. In this presentation, Dr. Witte will focus on “desperation pies”, including Indiana’s state pie—sugar cream. Through the presentation, she will discuss what we can learn from the stories of the foods we love.

Artificial Intelligence: A Step Beyond Hollywood
Dr. Sean Carroll
Wednesday, March 8 // 3:30 PM

Science fiction books and films offer clear images of Artificial Intelligences. In this presentation, Dr. Carroll will discuss how these ideas compare to the goals of the people actually developing AI. How do these goals shape the AI’s “personality”? If a computer program is as smart as a human, does it deserve human rights? Do you care?

Life on the Beat: A Journalist’s Story
Erika Celeste
Tuesday, March 21 // 3:30 PM

Professional journalist Erika Celeste will share her experiences from small town news station to international coverage. Come hear about the always-interesting, never-the-same-thing twice life of a professional reporter. Learn also about the concrete ways journalism contributes to our democracy.

Pyro Poetry: An Interactive Spoken Word Performance
Tiff Beatty
Tuesday, March 28 // 3:30 PM

Tiff Beatty, also known as “The Pyro Poet Tiff Beatty” is currently the Senior Program Manager for the Chicago Humanities Festival. Additionally, she has extensive experience as a teaching artist with various Chicago-area educational and community organizations. In this presentation, she will bring her unique brand of spoken word artistry to Trine.

Crossing Borders/Building Bridges: The International Experience at Trine
Mari McHenry and Trine International Students
Tuesday, April 4 // 3:30 PM

Trine’s international students are a vibrant part of our campus and the Angola community. Come learn a bit more about their experiences during this presentation by Director of International Community Services, Mari McHenry, and a panel of international students.

Poetry to Live By: A Reading by Michael Czarnecki
Michael Czarnecki
Tuesday, April 11 // 3:30 PM

Michael Czarnecki has been writing poetry since 1967. Twenty-three years ago he decided to devote his life to poetry. He is the founder of FootHills Publishing, which has released over 400 chapbooks and books of poetry since its inception in 1986. Mr. Czarnecki regularly goes on poetry tours throughout America, giving readings and conducting workshops. Help us celebrate Poetry Month by joining us for his reading.

History of Program

The Humanities Symposia is a series of presentations followed by discussions about a range of academic subjects related to the humanities. It was developed in response to many professors presenting at academic conferences but not having a university outlet for presenting this research. Since many professors’ research interests lie outside their normal course load, the Symposia allow them to share their research with both the university and local community.

Talks usually last about thirty minutes and are followed by a time for questions. The entire time is generally under one hour, and talks are open to the public. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Professor Sarah Young.