HAC Book Night

HAC Book Night began as part of the international event World Book Night. After that broader event ended, HAC Book Night continued and has been celebrated on Trine’s campus in 2013.

The first event was organized by a sports management major, Derek Bycraft. He was assisted in most of its organization by librarian Lauren Magnuson. The Humanities Institute funded the movie for the night, as well as helping in promotion of the event to the community.

World Book Night encourages reading by providing free copies of popular books. In its first year the book for Trine was Moneyball by Michael Lewis. In addition to the free copies of the book distributed, a book exchange was organized in the LINK (Trine’s library) which saw over 150 visitors from campus and the community, as well as 175 free books distributed.

Works chosen in prior years include:

  • 2015: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
    Student Organizer: Ali Falls & Amanda Higbee
  • 2014: Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Student Organizer: Ashley McLaughlin
  • 2013: Moneyball by Michael Lewis
    Student Organizer: Derek Bycraft