Fernando Bauzo is often soft-spoken initially in class. However, once he gets talking, his outlook on a variety of fields—literature, film, video games, language and more—flows forth. That makes his selection by the Humanities Institute as one of this year’s Jannen Renaissance Scholar awardees not much of a surprise.

Bauzo is a communication major with a history minor. That combination pushed him into some interesting areas of study. For example, Bauzo did study aborad in the summer of 2017 travelling to Rome, Italy. While getting a first-hand look at much of the history he had been studying, he also got first-hand experience in intercultural communication.

He continued to pursue that interest in travel and history when he spent spring break this past semester traveling to Paris, France. While there he travelled to many of the notable monuments and museums, but he took an especially keen interest in the art museums.

Fernando Bauzo being honored by Dr. Jeanette Goddard.

Fernando Bauzo being honored by Dr. Jeanette Goddard.

See, that’s another aspect of Bauzo that might go overlooked. He has pursued a growing interest in graphic design over his years at Trine. That has included taking multiple courses from HAC art professor Sarah Zimmer and taking that training and applying it to projects like this year’s Earth Fest where he designed the posters that hung around the community advertising the event.

Bauzo is also responsible for creating the Gamez and Thingz podcast that focused on video game news and discussion. He has also been an active member of his fraternity, an employee in The LINK where he often worked with their social media, pursued fluency in French and Italian languages and more.

HAC professor and Humanities Institute Director Dr. Jeanette Goddard says Bauzo has shown his diverse interests both in and outside of the classroom. “Not only does he excel in his areas of expertise (graphic design and communication), but he also is willing to tackle difficult material in other areas—such as philosophy, learning additional languages and seeking out opportunities to experience other cultures,” Goddard said. “His passion and excitement for learning shines through whether in a classroom setting or in sharing his hundreds of photos from a trip to France.”


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