Ben Vigliarolo’s success at Trine is hard to summarize entirely in one sentence. He has been an honor student, baseball player, sportscaster, environmentalist and more. However, capping his senior year by being named Outstanding Senior in Humanities and Communications as well as Distinguished Student in Jannen School of Arts and Sciences might give you an idea of his breadth of success.

Vigliarolo hosting the HAC 3 Strikes podcast.

Vigliarolo hosting the HAC 3 Strikes podcast.

Vigliarolo is probably best known for being the voice of Trine athletics. Over his three years at Trine, he has called softball tournaments, hockey, basketball and everything in between. If that sounds impressive for an undergrad—it is. That experience behind the mic led to a summer internship in West Virginia calling games for West Virginia Miners baseball team on WJLS Radio 104.1 FM, 560 AM. That’s to say nothing of the over 60 episodes of the HAC 3 Strikes sports podcast he co-created and co-hosted with HAC major Grant Tingley.

Ben’s experiences pushed beyond the sports world, however. He also co-created and co-hosted two other podcasts—Two Guys and a Gal Who Just Wanna Bake about baking competitions and his own misadventures in cookery, as well as the High-Class Lowlifes podcast about current events. All of this experience behind the mic was facilitated by his regular work for WEAX radio on Trine’s campus.

HAC Chair Justin Young, who co-hosted the HAC 3 Strikes podcast with Vigliarolo for three years, says he’s not surprised at his success. “Ben works super hard at everything he does. For the podcast, he did the rundown each week with what we’d be talking about,” Young said. He added, “I expect great things from him.”

Vigliarolo and some of the Miners personnel.

Vigliarolo and some of the Miners personnel.

Outside of using his voice, Vigliarolo kept busy other ways. He served as the Digital Media Intern with the ECO Center updating their website, managing their social media and, of course, helping to plan the massive community event, Earth Fest. He worked in the MTI Center helping to broadcast games behind-the-scenes running cameras and the switcher.

Vigliarolo was on the President’s List for three years, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and, as noted earlier, a member of the men’s baseball team for two of his three years.

While all these bullet points are certainly admirable accomplishments, perhaps the most admirable comes from what his fellow students had to say. One commented on his commitment to help others. “Ben has spent countless hours passing down his skills and knowledge in what he loves most, sports and play by play broadcasting. No matter how many hours were wasted because of laughing or not being serious. A positive, fun environment was always kept. I thank him very much for his time and patience.”


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