Studying English at a university is sort of a unique experience. In many courses across campus you can be the smartest student but remain relatively quiet. However, in an English course participation is the name of the game. You have to jump into discussions and make your voice heard.

No one ever has trouble hearing Alexis DeLancey-Christiansen in class. She is outspoken in any course, but especially her English classes. HAC professor Dr. Jeanette Goddard concurs, saying, “Having her in discussion pushes everyone (professors included) to think more deeply.” That’s part of the reason she’s this year’s recipient of the Needler-McGregor Award for Excellence in English.

It’s not just talking to the wind, however. DeLancey-Christiansen is listened to by her classmates, and they often look to her to kick off discussions and take them in interesting, new directions. HAC professor and Jannen School of Arts and Sciences Dean Amy Nicholls notes, “Alexis is an inquisitive reader. She asks questions that help to foster meaningful class discussions.” Nicholls adds, “And then she adds a thoughtful and passionate voice to those discussions, as well.” She’s managed all of this while maintaining a high GPA and picking up a minor in history.

Outside of class Alexis has excelled, as well. She’s been a tutor for the Writing Center for three years and copy editor for the HAC Media Team for the past year. She’s also worked as a freelance content creator for iHire. Additionally, she is one of the founding hosts of the Gamez and Thingz podcast.

Goddard says, “Alexis is a voracious learner and a formidable critical thinker.” And one well deserving of this prestigious award.


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