It’s become a tired joke to correct people that Frankenstein is the doctor, and his monster is the scary thing that adorns lunchboxes and t-shirts. Thankfully, HAC professor Dr. Cassandra Bausman’s Frankenstein and the ‘Mad Scientist’ in Literature class is a few steps past that.

For their final projects this semester, students were asked to pick a piece of popular culture, that hadn’t been covered in class, that echoed the themes of Mary Shelley’s classic that many credit with the invention of science fiction as a genre. Their picks ranged everywhere from the video game Fallout 4 to films such as Blade Runner 2049 and Edward Scissorhands. They presented their projects the last week of class as part of the Frankenstein at 200 Showcase and the lower level of Taylor Hall is now adorned with their presentation posters.

HAC Chair Justin Young watched some of the final presentations and said, “They were making interesting connections between sometimes less obvious works and Frankenstein.” He added, “The connective tissue is really this idea of creation and what it means to create. That’s super relatable whether you’re an English major writing a story or an engineering major building a robot or coding software.”

You can check out the photo gallery below for images from the presentations and the posters. You can also stop by Taylor Hall and look at them at your leisure.

Photo Gallery


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