It has been an incredibly busy semester for HAC professor Dr. Cassandra Bausman. Along with teaching Frankenstein and the Mad Scientist in Literature and Mythology this semester, Dr. Bausman, Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Center, will be published in the upcoming book, Transforming Harry: The Adaptation of Harry Potter in the Transmedia Age.

Bausman's research laid out on the floor.

Bausman’s research laid out on the floor.

The book will be available May 7 but can be preordered through Amazon. Transforming Harry looks to analyze Harry Potter across all media, focusing on the faithfulness of the adaptations and other reworkings that spawned from the books and films.

Bausman's cat investigates her Potter mug.

Bausman’s cat investigates her Potter mug.

Dr. Bausman became involved with this project while working towards her doctorate degree in English Literature at Iowa when she responded to a call for papers, which is an open invitation for scholars to submit writing about a specific topic. Her area of study spanned a variety of areas including fantasy literature and film. According to her, “It’s pretty cool to say that my scholarly field does actually include Harry Potter.” In her abstract, she outlined why the ending of the Deathly Hollows Part II film serves as a more definitive encapsulation of the novels’ themes of power, control, and its rejection of glorifying violence, aggression, and might makes right ideals than the ending in the novels. She was one of several contributors picked to write a chapter on the transmedia Potter phenomenon for the book.

Although the book has not been released yet, there is news that there will also be an audiobook version going into production. As Dr. Bausman states, “This is extremely unusual for academic texts,” so this decision is an indication of the level of confidence the publishers have in this book’s ability “to reach a wide readership and to appeal both to scholars and academics and to more popular audiences looking to engage more deeply with the Potterverse.”

We at HAC look forward to reading (or hearing!) what comes next in her work!


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