It is that time of year again! Two graduating seniors – one from Engineering or Business and the other from Arts & Sciences or Education – and one faculty member will be awarded the Jannen Renaissance Scholar Award.

This award was instated in 1991 by Dr. Robert L. Jannen. The purpose of the award is focused on not only preparing students for the work force, but also highlighting their skills outside of their desired profession. Along with winning the award, there is also a cash prize that comes with it.

The award for students is to recognize those who have a breadth of interest and skills. The first student award is for Engineering or Business students who have significant skills in non-technical classes. These skills could vary from a special interest in fine arts, athletics, writing and much more. The second award for the students from the Arts & Sciences or Education. These students will have to demonstrate some technical expertise, or something outside their field of study.

The teaching award goes out to the faculty member who shows a breadth of interest and skills and who encourages students and other faculty members to pursue their interest and skills.

Trine encourages everyone to apply for this unique opportunity. If you would like to apply, contact Dr. Jeanette Goddard by 5 P.M. on Friday, March 30.


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Shay Herbert is a communication major.