On February 14, most people are either celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with significant others or bemoaning their single existence. This year, however, the Trine University Writing Center offered a new way to spend Cupid’s Day; the Writing Center offered Trine students and staff the opportunity to have a “Blind Date with a Book.” During the Blind Date, random romance novels were concealed with wrapping paper, and passersby were invited to select a book as their Valentine’s date during normal Writing Center hours (10-7).

Writing Center Coordinator Rebecca Mann with mystery books.

Writing Center Coordinator Rebecca Mann with mystery books.

The Writing Center, located in Shambaugh 206, was abuzz with activity during the Blind Date with a Book, as students and staff selected their perfect Valentine’s date. Writing Center Coordinator Rebecca Mann describes that she came up with the idea from real-life blind dating: “When you go on an actual blind date with another person, you never know who you are meeting and what they’ll be like, and the same thing is true of a blind date with a book; the possibilities are endless.” The possibilities were indeed endless, as the novels ranged in topic from Harlequin Intrigue to Amish romance novels, and everything in between. Students and staff came into the Writing Center and opened their books in front of Writing Center staff, then they read the book’s summary. Shambaugh 206 was atwitter with laughter for most of the day, as the summaries ranged from humorous to downright hysterical.

The Blind Date also offered Trine students and staff to come and experience the Writing Center’s new location. At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the Trine Writing Center moved from the LINK in the University Center, to the second floor of Shambaugh Hall. While the move brought the Writing Center into the heart of campus and closer to the academic side of Trine, the move also brought complications. For the first few months of the school year, and even now at the start of the Spring semester, some Trine students are unaware of the Writing Center’s new location. “Events such as Blind Date with a Book get the Writing Center’s name out there, and it showcases our location to students and staff, in the hopes that they will return or refer their students to us when they are in need of help,” Mann stated.

Blind Date with a Book was the first event that the Writing Center held for the spring semester, with their main event in the fall being a celebration of the National Day on Writing on October 20. If this Blind Date with a Book intrigues you, and you missed your chance for a free novel, consider going to the Trine HAC Book Night this spring. There will be plenty of genres and exciting new reads to choose from. Stay tuned for more information the closer we get to that time!

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