At Trine University, sports are an important part of campus life. Whether it’s going to every game as an avid fan, or taking the field as a player, Trine loves its sports. Just ask communication major Elijah Thiess. Thiess, along with fellow communication majors John Kay and Langston Johnson, created the HAC StormCast, a weekly podcast that revolves around the world of sports at Trine. The podcast is broken down into three segments: a quick review of the past week’s games, an interview with a special guest, and a preview/analysis of next week’s games.

Thiess wanted to be involved on campus. After taking part in several podcasts, he felt that it was time for something new; “I have been a part of four different podcasts now, and none of them have really gone anywhere.” After Thiess met Kay, they decided they wanted to start a new podcast. However, they wanted something that would give them practical experience with broadcasting. Then they asked themselves, “What if we covered sports at Trine?” From there, they began recording.

Thiess stated that this was something Trine needed. Most of the sports news produced are just previews and recaps. Thiess felt that since sports are a big part of the university, there should be a team who presents coverage like a sports network. “That is something that isn’t currently on campus”, Thiess stated. Since the creation of the podcast, the team has branched out to create the Storm Center with Thiess serving as the director and Kay as assistant director. The Storm Center is your one-stop-shop for Thunder athletics. They hope to provide in-depth coverage and analysis of every sport, as well as promote some of the university’s smaller programs.

The Storm Center is looking to expand, encompassing numerous positions from sideline reporters to article writers. For those interested in joining the team, you can contact Elijah Thiess via email.

Be sure to follow the team on Facebook and on twitter @hacstormcast!

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