Do you like writing (and potentially being paid for it) or have a paper of which you are especially proud? If so, this contest is for you.

The Department of Humanities and Communications is again holding its annual Walter Cunningham Writing Contest. The contest is campus-wide and is accepting submissions from the following genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and academic writing. Each category will accept only one submission, except poetry which will accept three poems in one document.

Each category will have three winners, and those winners will receive a monetary prize. All submissions must be written by the person who submits it, and the final deadline for the contest is Monday, January 22.

If you have pieces of writing of which you are proud or simply enjoy writing and have some fun scribbles lying around your dorm, try your hand at this annual contest and possibly win some extra spending cash.

For further information regarding the contest or to make a submission, visit our literary journal website Inscriptions Journal.


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Megan Miller is an English major. She performs as part of the university choir.