On November 30, the Event Planning and Promotion class hosted a time-travel themed escape rooms. Students and professors were divided into groups, and placed into three different rooms. Each room was set in a different time period. There was a Renaissance room, a 1950s room, and a future dystopian room. Students and professors had 45 minutes to solve several clues that would help them escape the room.

At the end of the night, students and faculty alike raved about how much fun they had. Brody Dyer, a sophomore, said he really enjoyed the event: “It really challenged your ability to problem solve and work with others. The room really made you think outside of the box to solve riddles and puzzles.”

As each group finished, their time was recorded to see who escaped the fastest. Here are the groups with the fastest time for each room:

Renaissance Room- 10 mins. 25 sec.
Nicole Johnson Smith, Dr. Michael Blaz, Mike Hess, Fransisco Ortiz, Chris Emerick, Kai Hartman

1950’s Room- 30 mins.
Jeff McFerron, Michael Trader, JT Sipes, Thomas Lapham, Alan Condre, Nick Gollifer, Russel Reynolds, Jenna Winsett, Stephen Shelton, and Joe Burcroff

Future Room- 19 mins. 5 sec.
Rob Gorman, Brody Dyer, Brandon Dalley, Jamie Bever, Cory Burnett, Alex Stutzman, Payne Sigman, Talmon Clear, James Kvas, Josh Braun, Aaron Lawrence, and Alex Kromkowski.

All in all, it was another HAC event with a great turnout. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support the event planning students and have a good time!

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