On November 30, HAC professor Sarah Zimmer’s Event Planning and Promotions class will be bringing an escape room to Trine! Taylor Hall classrooms will become a portal through which students step into a different era.

Escape rooms have recently become popular among young people and adults alike. An escape room works like this: participants enter a room, and upon entering cannot leave. They have one hour to solve puzzles and clues to “unlock” the door and get out.

Planning began over a month ago. The students in Event Planning and Promotions are required to create their own event each semester, and this year the students wanted to go bigger and better than ever before. Professor Zimmer warned her students that this would demand a lot of time both inside and outside the classroom, but they were up for the challenge.

Students spent a lot of time throwing around ideas for themes, but when “Travel Through Time” was suggested, they knew that had found something that would work well and create an interesting, unique environment. Even once that was done students were tasked with deciding how to narrow down the theme for each individual room…but that’s all that can be said until the big night!

The Event Planning class is looking for groups of 5-10 people to fill their time slots. If you can’t find a group that big, then no worries! You can still sign up and be assigned to a slot. A campus-wide email has been sent that contains the link to sign up, so check your inbox!

For more information regarding the escape room, email Elijah Thiess or Sarah Zimmer.


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