What do you want to be when you grow up? For Mikaela Gerba, Trine HAC helped decide her fate.

Gerba leans down to advise a student on his essay.

Gerba leans down to advise a student on his essay.

Gerba teaches Honors English 10 and English 10 at Angola High School. Attending Trine to earn her degree in Social Studies, her love and passion for English guided her also earning a degree in teaching with a minor in English. “I always knew I was pretty decent at English coming into college. The whole reason I kept my minor was because the faculty really showed me genuinely that I was good at English and they really cared about me and what I wanted to do,” says Gerba.

The student classroom atmosphere is something she looks forward to each day. “I love them, honestly I do,” says Gerba about her students. “Just their personalities are so different. There is never a dull moment with them.”

When asked what she hopes HAC students will take advantage of in the future, Gerba hopes that students will participate in all of the experiences and opportunities presented, especially the Humanities Symposia.

Gerba breaks for a moment to laugh with students.

Gerba breaks for a moment to laugh with students.

Not only has Trine helped her to adapt to teaching, but also given her a different lens to view other cultures through. The opportunity to participate in an educational travel experience to Costa Rica hosted through the Worldstrides organization has given her the capability to incorporate other cultures into her curriculum to share with students. Her time at Trine gave her the chance to see different perspectives, backgrounds, and gain respect in a new setting.

With the cultural experiences and knowledge learned from Trine, Gerba feels well prepared for her role as a teacher.


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