It’s been four years and four different winners for the Trine HAC Cup! Over 150 area high school students converged on Trine’s campus on Tuesday for the fourth annual Trine HAC Cup.

Students competed in ten different academic areas ranging from Literature to Film to Impromptu Speaking. First place finishers receive a $500 Trine University scholarship renewable for four years. Winners in first through third also received a certificate. For the first time this year, every participant received a Trine HAC Cup t-shirt.

Individual school performance across the ten categories was also tallied to choose an overall school winner. The competition uses a weighted points system awarding five points for first place, three for second and one for third. In an effort to better balance the competition for smaller schools, each school could bring as many students as they wanted but had to assign them to teams with a maximum of 30 per team. That means this year’s winner was Westview High School of Topeka, Indiana.

The HAC Cup itself, which remains on display in Taylor Hall, was presented by Dean of the Jannen School of Arts and Sciences Amy Nicholls.

Winners of the academic competitions were:

Place Student School
1st Olivia Hibbs Westview
2nd Autumn Godwin Fremont
3rd Anna Eisinger Fremont
Current Events
Place Student School
1st Kylie Steury Angola
2nd Kirsten Lovett Fremont
3rd Paola Ramirez Jimeniz Westview
Grammar and Vocabulary
Place Student School
1st Ashley Brown Westview
2nd Morgan Kelly Westview
3rd Isabell Deem Angola
Place Student School
1st Jonna Bruney Fremont
2nd Carman Draves Westview
3rd Lauren Taylor Angola
Place Student School
1st Lexis Giggy Westview
2nd Sydney Craig Angola
3rd Kenneth McClung Fremont
Impromptu Speaking
Place Student School
1st Rylie Kokinis Fremont
2nd Kaitlyn Snellenberger Angola
Art History
Place Student School
1st Lydia Rang Westview
2nd Ashley Fisher Fremont
3rd Sarah Haaser Angola
Place Student School
1st Chloe Lovell Westview
2nd Jaden Cardoso Fremont
3rd Emma Boggs Angola
Video Games
Place Student School
1st Genna Davis Angola
2nd MaeAnna Marteen Angola
3rd Elijah Clementoni Angola
Interpersonal Communication
Place Student School
1st Michayla VanAken Fremont
2nd Chase Soulliere Angola
3rd Emily Land Angola

We will have more coverage of the event in the coming days.


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