It’s that time of the year. Midterms. Get ready for caffeine-fueled late-night study sessions with zero percent chance of sleep. You will find yourself realizing that the more you study, the more it turns into gibberish. The point I’m trying to make is that midterms are hard. There is no easy solution for them. Since I’m a generous guy, I compiled a list of ten tips to help you survive your midterms.

10. Study?
This one seems like a no brainer. Or so you think. How many of us “study” when we are studying? It’s almost impossible. You are likely to spend time on your phone, watch Netflix, or play video games. Sometimes, I do all three simultaneously. This usually happens when I’m “studying”. The best way to study is to actually study. Try spending time away from your phone. Limit the distractions that can guarantee you won’t get anything done. Some of the following tips can help.

9. Nothing Says You Are an Expert Like Flashcards
Giving a presentation or a speech can be terrifying if you don’t have much practice. It can be even worse if you didn’t prepare. The best way to ace your presentation is with flashcards. If you get stuck, the flashcards can remind you where to go next. They are also a great way to keep track of your sources. Don Jones (DJ) will be expecting them.

8. Laminate your Notes
This might seem like a weird one, but if you are one of those students who has a breakdown every week, this tip is for you. You will be stressed. What better way to protect your notes than laminating them? Your tears of shame won’t smudge them, and it will hopefully keep you from tearing them up in a rage quit at 3 am.

7. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Mornings are rough, but food makes everything better. A good breakfast can reenergize you after an all-nighter. You may have also heard Dr. Don Jones (DJ) lecture on the importance of a hardy meal in the morning. I may not be a credible source, but if DJ says it, it’s probably true.

6. Location, Location, Location
Where you study has a major impact on how you study. Studying in your room is not always the best idea. One episode of the Office turns into seven seasons. By the time you realize your mistake, you have 30 minutes before the exam starts. Try moving to your common room. (I’m sorry, that was in poor taste) Try studying in the library. You have plenty of computers, printers, and other supplies you need to help you succeed.

HAC majors pulling a lite night study session.

HAC majors pulling a lite night study session.

5. Find Study Buddies
Sometimes, you need strength in numbers. Even more so if it’s a DJ exam. Study groups are a great way to help you stay focused. Your group can also help you review things you might have missed in class. Be careful though. If you have the wrong study group, a two-hour study session might turn into a six-hour nightmare.

4. Coffee is Your Best Friend
You may turn into a zombie. You will have stayed up until 4 am writing a DJ paper when you still have a test for Professor Young and a presentation for Dr. Goddard. It happens. You will more than likely need a pick-me-up. What better way to “treat yo self” than with a nice Butterbeer latte? Be sure to grab plenty of coffee throughout the day to avoid turning into, well, a zombie.

3. You Will Always Have “That Guy”
If you are in a technical communication class, you probably know what I mean. There is always one person who is “that guy”. They never show up to meetings, never do their share of work, and expect all the credit. It sucks, but it happens. Don’t worry, Dr. Young and Dr. Witte are very capable of dealing with these students.

2. Do Your Best to Get Your Rest
Every college student loves sleep. I don’t need any citations because you could ask any student on any campus and get the same answer. You might not get a full seven hours of sleep at night, but you can fit it in around your study schedule. Takes nap breaks to stay well-rested. There’s nothing better than a quick two-hour nap before crying for the next four hours.

1. Don’t Stress Out
You probably were following me, until this last tip. Let’s be honest for a minute. You are probably self-inducing stress. Your midterms aren’t the end of the world. Finals are a different monster, but we aren’t there yet. Take a deep breathe, study and ace your midterms. You can do it! Unless you have a DJ class. You are doomed.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Try not to lose yourself while studying for finals. Good luck!


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Fernando Bauzo is a Communication major.