On September 28 over 1,400 students are going to be on Trine University’s campus for Walk into My Future, an event that aims to help give elementary students an introduction to college, as well as encourage family savings.

Students in HAC professor Sarah Zimmer’s Event Planning and Promotions class have been preparing for this event since day one. Professor Zimmer tasked them with first deciding what would work best to help keep all the kids happy and entertained for the 14 minute sessions. Idea after idea was tossed around until the whole class settled on, “HACtion Libs.”

HACtion Libs are a twist on the traditional Mad Libs. In HAC’s edition, Trine’s Event Planning class will give the elementary students a brief English lesson that teaches them what the parts of speech are. They will then go through original stories, written by the Event Planning class, and fill in the missing words. Next, because we know that kids love to move and play, the stories will be acted out by the whole group, college students included.

Event Planning class brainstorming their "HACtion Libs."

Event Planning class brainstorming their “HACtion Libs.”

English and Communication double major, Mycah Houser, has enjoyed working with her classmates saying, “I think the most fun part is seeing our whole class contribute different ideas that combine into a fully constructed activity that I think the kids will love to do.”

However, even once the class officially decided on the activity and wrote out the libs, there was still work to be done. Professor Zimmer created “committees” such as PR/ Marketing and Finances, that each have specific roles to fill in order to help HAC’s session of Walk into My Future run more smoothly.

With only a little under a week left until elementary students start flooding Trine’s campus, Professor Zimmer’s class is still hard at work to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Materials have been ordered, props are being made and last-minute details smoothed out. Walk into My Future is still in need of volunteers, and if you would like to volunteer with the HAC Department contact Professor Sarah Zimmer or Mycah Houser.


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Sonsee Jenkins is a communication major.