The Writing Center kicks off a new semester in a new home with the first event of the year!

Monday, September 18 is Hide a Book Day. Trine campus and the community at large will be blessed by “book fairies,” enthusiastic readers who want to share their favorite book in a mischievous way. Partnering with the Book Fairies organization and the website Goodreads, book fairies will be hiding books all around the world for others to find and read before moving on to a new owner. This event is widespread, but the Writing Center has kits for anyone that wants a how-to before getting out there and becoming a book fairy themselves.

Anyone can participate in this event. There’s no telling where someone might find a hidden book, whether on campus or somewhere else in Angola. Once you’ve had the chance to enjoy the book yourself, hide it for someone else! Those actively searching out books might get hints about where to start on social media. There are a variety of hashtags to check – #hideabookday and #ibelieveinbookfairies, as well as the university’s very own #trinebookfairies.

For those wanting to become fairies themselves, the Writing Center has made it easy. Come to 206 Shambaugh, the Writing Center’s new home, to get a kit with labels to affiliate yourself with the event as well as a general informational booklet. From there, it’s as easy as finding the perfect place for your book until someone gives it a new home. Of course, taking to social media to hint at its location might make things easier on your fellow book hunters.

For more information about the event, visit Good Reads, or stop by the Writing Center.


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Alexis DeLancey-Christiansen is a dual major in English and Communication.