Beginning Tuesday September 12, the Humanities Symposia is back!

A panel of Trine HAC’s own students—Clare Danner, Fernando Bauzo and Emma Lucas—will begin the Symposia by sharing what they did over summer vacation and how the humanities influenced their experiences. The Symposia will finish on November 14 with a presentation by HAC professor Dr. Alison Witte that will explore how Hidden Figures relates to issues that can be found among Trine’s female STEM students.

There will also be sessions that examine the effects of sports on our society, diversity among comics such as Marvel and DC, the use of artifacts to create new art and an examination of cult-classic film Real Genius. This totals up to six presentations throughout the semester.

When asked about the importance of the Humanities Symposia and its impact on the students, HAC professor Dr. Jeanette Goddard noted it shows students, “You don’t have to pursue these [humanities]careers to enjoy them.” The Humanities Symposia has often been viewed as a way for students to engage in learning that they may not have a chance to encounter in their major.

Each symposium will be held at 3:30 on the date listed on our website. For more information on dates, as well as a brief preview of each session, see the full schedule.


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