All the world may indeed be a stage, and this fall Trine’s Drama Club is trying to move beyond those confines.

Things kickoff with a general meeting for anyone interested in working with Drama Club on August 28 at 7 pm in Wells Theater in Taylor Hall. The following two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be open auditions for the fall play, Almost Maine. Those auditions begin at 7 pm. Multiple parts are available for men and women, and no experience or preparation is required to audition. Just show up!

On September 5, Drama Club will host a Jackbox Party Games night in Wells Theater at 6 pm. The Jackbox party games reward creativity and humor, so they’re an accessible form of improv that anyone can participate in. Be sure to bring your smartphone or laptop with you to join in.

September 23, October 17 and October 28 will play host to some behind-the-scenes workshops and events. September 23 involves packing up some of the Drama Club’s less used costumes. That will start at 10 am over in Fabiani Theatre in the University Center. October 17 at 6 pm the Drama Club will host a workshop on sound design. This is an important event since they always need production people to help with the play off-stage. You’ll learn how to put together music for a play and some of the technical details of running Wells Theater. The last of these dates is October 28 at 12 pm when they will work on building and decorating the sets.

Other dates of note include September 29 when they will visit Albion College to see their production of On the Verge, and of course November 9, 10 and 11 when the Drama Club will actually stage this fall’s production of Almost Maine. As always, seating is limited for these events, so come earlier than the 7 pm start time.

Those interested in getting involved with Drama Club should see the advisor, HAC professor Dr. Tim Hopp.


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