Digital Media Creation class produces promos for HAC and the LINK


What makes HAC so special? What are the services of the LINK? What’s so special about HAC’s spring graduates? Students in the Digital Media Creation class produced videos to answer those questions.

The COM 243: Digital Media Creation class focuses on audio and video production. Throughout the semester, students produce small audio projects, podcasts, video ads for HAC Book Night and more. For their final project this semester, they were asked to produce a video promoting or covering news of a department or organization on campus. The end results are three diverse videos (two below, and one above).

HAC Promo
Produced by Alexis DeLancey-Christiansen, Mycah Houser and Drew Waltermann
See the top of article for this video.

The LINK Promo
Produced by Fernando Bauzo and Emma Lucas

HAC Spring 2017 Graduates
Produced by Clare Danner, Lance Sheteron, Grant Tingley and Ben Vigliarolo

Part of the pride of the Department of Humanities and Communication is the ability to give students hands-on experience starting their freshman year. Digital Media Creation professor Justin Young says that’s what the class is all about. “We try to blend theory with the practical. The theory is important to understand the foundation of what we’re doing, but then students need to actually get out there and do it.” Young continued, “These skills are important whether you want to go into media creation full time, or if it just might be one of many hats you’re expected to wear as a public relations professional.”


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