Tingley and Vigliarolo named inaugural Golden Microphone Award recipients


They say silence is golden, but a well-trained voice can also be a golden ticket. It proved just that for two HAC students at the spring awards celebration.

Communication majors Grant Tingley and Ben Vigliarolo were awarded the first-ever Golden Microphone Award for their contributions to media in the department. Many readers of this site will recognize the two names as the hosts of the HAC 3 Strikes podcast. The podcast, which focuses on sports, recently completed its 25th episode this year.

HAC professor Justin Young, who also co-hosts HAC 3 Strikes with the two, said he’s very proud to see them as the first recipients. “I’ve seen few students more dedicated than Ben and Grant,” Young said. “I joke that they remind me of that line from High Fidelity—I hired them for two days a week and they just started showing up every day.”

In truth, the two’s commitment to the podcast has meant they have on occasion recorded without Professor Young as scheduling conflicts arose. Still, he says they’re just fine on their own. “They’ve improved so much over just the last year.” That improvement has led to opportunities announcing Trine softball and basketball games for the campus radio station, WEAX. This summer Vigliarolo will continue that play-by-play work with a minor-league team in West Virginia.

Young encourages all students to get more involved with the media side of communication. “Whether it’s in your dorm room, or something you work within the department to do, now is the time to experiment and play around. You’re not just building a portfolio, but also your skill set.”


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