Freshmen speak about a year in HAC


Trine University’s Humanities and Communication department (HAC) prides itself on meeting students where they are and helping them reach their full potential. As the semester closes, we talked to a few brand-new HAC students to get their take on the department.

Mycah Houser, a freshman in HAC and a double major in English and communication, said her time with the department so far has been “overwhelmingly positive.” Said Houser, “Everything is very interesting, I enjoy all my classes, and the experience so far has been generally very good.”

According to Houser HAC is definitely a department to consider when coming into college. She said, “Even if you minor in HAC, the classes are like brain candy. The classes really get you thinking about their respective topics, and many of the concepts learned within the classes overlap, which is beneficial to learning.”

Jessica Griffioen, also an English and communication major said that her experience so far in the HAC department has been “fantastic.” She said, “I’ve really enjoyed every HAC class I’ve taken so far. More than that, I have yet to encounter a HAC professor, faculty member or student who is anything but friendly.” When asked if Griffioen felt welcomed into the department her response was, “Absolutely, all of my professors have made me feel welcome.” When asked about the classes she replied, “The classes are challenging. But that’s a good thing! The professors and assignments really push you to work hard, be responsible, and meet deadlines.”

Elijah Thiess, a freshman communication also said he felt welcomed: “Yes, very much so … I was welcomed very heartily.” When asked if he would suggest the department to incoming freshman his response was “Absolutely, the environment is very positive and almost everyone is willing to help or give advice if you ask for it.”

When asked what Houser would tell a prospective student in the HAC department, she replied that he or she should “definitely consider it if this is something you’re passionate about, then do it. I would recommend the HAC department one hundred percent.”

Griffioen said, “Pursue it. If you have any interest in reading, composition, or communication, don’t hesitate to join the HAC department because it will improve your skills more that you realize.”

Thiess said, “The HAC Department has given me support and gotten me started in my career field faster than I could have imagined. But it doesn’t get handed to you. You have to look for it and take the initiative.”

Many new freshmen wonder or fret about what the classes will be like. When Houser was asked about this topic her response was, “Many of the classes are difficult, but they are very rewarding. You get out what you put into it.” The format of classes, she said, which often involve discussion in circles rather than lectures, made making friends easy. Thiess agreed. “It’s serious when it needs to be, he said, “but we’re not afraid to joke around.”


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Megan Miller is an English major. She performs as part of the university choir.