Playing for Pets 2017 rakes in cash while celebrating play


Some dogs and cats will sleep sounder tonight thanks to the Trine University community.

The third annual Playing for Pets was held April 21-22. The 24-hour video game marathon fundraiser is live streamed on the Internet for everyone to watch and, most importantly, to donate. All proceeds benefit the Steuben County Humane Society. This year’s total was $1,465.

The main event is organized as part of HAC professor Justin Young’s honors seminar Video Games: Art, Culture and History of a Medium. Young’s classes in Web Content Management and Digital Media Creation contribute, as well.

Young was particularly pleased with the increased scope of this year’s event. “It just grows every year,” he said. “We started out with one room, and this year we were up to five.” Those rooms included the main game room in Wells Theater, one for Rock Band, one for Jackbox Party games, one for board and card games and a final room with limited virtual reality use. The board and card game room was utilized by English education major Jordan Blank to stage an original story in a Star Wars tabletop RPG game.

Over one hundred students, faculty, staff and Trine University community members participated this year playing games. A total of 43 individuals made donations.

Games as diverse as Crawl, 1-2 Switch, Bomb Squad Academy, Capsule Force, Four Last Things, Last Fight, Move or Die, Typing of the Dead and others were played. Young says work has already begun on next year’s event.

“As soon as the event ends one year, I start looking for next year’s games,” Young noted. Keep your eyes peeled for it next April!

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