Writing Center celebrates Poetry Month in April


Not only is April the best month of the school year because it’s the last full month of classes–it’s also Poetry Month in the Writing Center!

According to Naomi Kiskaden, Writing Center Coordinator, Poetry Month was created by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. It takes place from April 1 to April 30, and its purpose is to increase awareness of poets and poetry in the United States.

The full PoeTREE.

The full PoeTREE.

In order to celebrate at Trine University, the Writing Center staff has erected a “PoeTREE” inside the Writing Center. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to hang a poem, either of their creation or another poet’s, on the branches of the tree as “leaves.”

Additionally, poetry workshops are offered every Friday of the month in the Writing Center.

“We have a posted time of noon to 2 P.M., but students are welcome to come in at any time during a Friday to write or create a poem,” Kiskaden explains. “Sessions usually take less than 15 minutes, but some students have been really creative with the projects and needed more time.”

The first Friday, students created “found” poems from magazines and old manuscripts. The third workshop will focus on haikus, and the final workshop’s focus will be “equation poetry,” which Kiskaden describes as “the combination of the mind of the engineer and the mind of the artist.”

When asked why Poetry Month is beneficial for students, Kiskaden responded, “It highlights the significance of poetry, celebrates poets and also reminds students that poetry is incredibly accessible and worth creation.”

Kiskaden hopes to debunk the opinion of many students that they’re incapable of creating poetry.

“Poetry is about expression, connecting, understanding, and playing,” Kiskaden states.


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