Writing Center ends Tolkien Week by putting a ring on it


The Writing Center from March 27 to March 31 hosted a campus-wide Tolkien Week. They asked students to send in selfies of their feet and their favorite Tolkien quotes along with why it was their favorite. The winners of the event each received a replica of the one ring to rule them all. The winners included: Jenna Wilson, Megan Miller, Noah Workman, Kyle Siegrist, Samuel Stein, Kyla Binfet, Jordan Blank and Nicole Walters.

Writing Cetner Director and HAC professor Dr. Cassandra Bausman said the Writing Center’sinspiration for the event was holidays that embodied “words and the power of words.” Tolkien Reading Day, which is sponsored by the Tolkein Society each March 25, stood out to them as a perfect holiday to celebrate. It also tied in with Dr. Bausman’s Fantasy Literature class, which is being offered this spring.

When asked if the Writing Center would consider holding the event again Bausman said, “Yeah, I think campus enjoyed it. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. We can’t always do the same thing or it will get boring. But there is also a Hobbit day in the fall so we have opportunities to do similar things.” Bausman said she didn’t expect the event’s sheer popularity around campus, but she hoped it would bring the campus together, which it did. Not only did students participate but faculty and staff did as well, from all around campus.

When asked why commemorate Tolkien’s work, Bausman’s reply was, “Not only is it a powerful piece of literature he created, but whenever anybody picks the most influential books they have read, he is always on top. Tolkien’s books are a touchstone for so many people.”

The event also showcased the artistic skills of HAC’s very own Writing Center Coordinator Naomi Kiskaden. She took the time to create personalized posters out of the quotes and feet sent in.

The event was a fun time for everyone involved, as all Writing Center events are, so keep an eye out for the Writing Center’s next event and be sure to participate.

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