Long elected student government president


Trine University’s Humanities and Communication department congratulates Kyle Long on his election as president of Trine University’s student government.

Long, a sophomore social studies education major and English minor, brings vast experience in student government to the position. Not only did he serve as the student body president of Edon High School (Edon, OH) his senior year, he has served as the senator of the Education Department and on the Oversight Committee at Trine University for the last four semesters.

Long is also a member of the Student Education Association, the English Honor Society (Sigma Tau Delta), Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and serves as a tutor in the Writing Center.

Running for president – or for an executive board position in general – might seem daunting to some students, but Long has had the goal of running since he became a member of student government in the fall of 2015.

“I wanted to be able to have a direct and positive impact on the students and felt as though this was the best way I could be of service to them,” explained Long.

Long and his running mate, Maysam Mourad, had 2 weeks to campaign for office. Their primary strategy involved developing a promotional flyer and hanging it in various locations throughout the University Center, as well as encouraging students to vote via email.

When asked whether or not he felt sure about winning the election during the campaign process, Long explained that in general, he tends to be a very confident individual.

Kyle Long with his running mate Maysam Mourad (left) and Trine University President Earl D. Brooks (Center).

Kyle Long with his running mate Maysam Mourad (left) and Trine University President Earl D. Brooks (Center).

“I am very driven, which compelled me to invest much of my time into planning, organizing, and arranging meetings with faculty members, such as University President Earl D. Brooks,” Long stated.

As president of student government, Long will be charged with presiding over weekly meetings, communicating with student government advisor Lindsey Wise, and sharing information/scheduling events with the other members of student government.

“I will have a commitment to ensuring that the students’ needs are being met and everyone’s voice is being heard,” shared Long.

During his term, Long hopes to place a higher emphasis on parliamentary procedure within the organization, especially with regard to how meetings are run. Additionally, he wishes to require senators to give a weekly report of the feedback he or she has received from his or her respective department in response to a “Question of the Week” that is disseminated via email.

Further, Long hopes to strengthen the bond between American students and international students on campus, as well as orchestrate a car show that will benefit a local organization that will be determined soon.

As the only member of the Humanities and Communication department currently involved in student government, Long feels especially fortunate.

“[Being the only member] means I have the opportunity to showcase the qualities of the individuals within our department,” Long explained. “As the majority of Trine consists of STEM majors, it is important to remind people that there are other ways of thinking. By being a prominent public figure, I will be able to lead by example and offer perspectives on issues that may have otherwise been overlooked.”


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Clare Danner is a communication major with an emphasis in public relations. She plays soccer for Trine University.