April Fools: HAC announces new major in Hyrulian Literature Studies


The Department of Humanities and Communication just continues to grow. Today, we’re proud to announce our newest major—Hyrulian Literature Studies (HRS).

HRS combines two strong passions of the department—literature and video games. The program, developed by Dr. Cassandra Bausman and Professor Justin Young, combines their passions of fantasy literature and video games into a study of literature found within video games.

Professor Young said of the new program, “I think it takes what our department already excels at, literature and new media, and combines these fields into an exciting, cutting-edge new discipline.”

Dr. Bausman added, “Literally nobody else in academia is doing this. Nobody!”

The titular House of Books.

The titular House of Books.

While the program will borrow many classes from the current program, including Dr. Bausman’s Fantasy Literature and Mythology classes and Professor Young’s honors seminar in Video Games: Art, Culture, and History of a Medium, new classes will be offered as well. Many classes will tackle specific genres, such as the Japanese Role Playing Game Ancient Tomes. “Look at Final Fantasy VI,” Professor Young notes, “there are all sorts of books you find in there. I think placing those writings within the context of the entire Final Fantasy series and examining them then from a New Historicism perspective will be fascinating.”

Dr. Bausman is excited for her new class in Feminist Readings in Kakariko Village. While that may seem ultra-specific, Dr. Bausman notes there is much ground to cover. “A Link to the Past, the third major Zelda title, has an entire House of Books in Kakariko Village. What’s contained within those books? What stories? What subjugation of women?”

Additional courses will focus on The Elder Scrolls, Zork and similar titles.

Classes are set to begin this time next year on April Fools’ Day. Happy April Fools’ Day!


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