Delmont to study abroad in Amsterdam for fall semester


Trine University’s Humanities and Communication department congratulates Maggy Delmont on the acceptance of her application to study abroad at the University of Amsterdam in the fall of 2017.

Maggy Delmont

Maggy Delmont

Delmont, a junior communication major, was notified of her acceptance at the beginning of March. She submitted her application through CIEE, a Portland-based organization that helps American students study abroad.

Delmont will be living in the Netherlands from August 21 until Christmas Eve. She will be registered for 15 credit hours, taking elective-based courses that explore topics like intercultural communication and world religions.

When asked why she wanted to study abroad in Amsterdam, Delmont replied, “Who wouldn’t want to go to Amsterdam? It’s beautiful.”

Delmont also appreciates Amsterdam’s sustainability and that the city’s location will allow her to travel to other Eastern European countries. “I’ll probably go to Paris and Rome at some point in my life, but this might be the only chance I have to visit places like Armenia, Slovenia, Budapest, or Bucharest,” Delmont explained.

Delmont especially looks forward to visiting Trine HAC alumna Amanda Higbee who is currently serving the Peace Corps in Armenia.

Maggy Delmont, Denise Draper and Salon Davis

Maggy Delmont, Denise Draper and Salon Davis

“I’ve been best friends with Amanda since my freshman year, so I’m really excited to spend time with her in a different setting,” Delmont stated.

Just over 30,000 students attend the University of Amsterdam, and many of these students are international. Although Delmont will not be entering the Netherlands with anyone she knows personally, she takes comfort in the fact that many of the students at the University of Amsterdam will be Americans studying abroad like herself.

This experience will certainly look excellent on Delmont’s resume as she hopes to one day work for an international study abroad company like CIEE. “I think that studying abroad gives students a learning experience and perspective that they don’t usually get on an American college campus,” explained Delmont. “You’re alone, and you’re in a totally different setting. It shows you have the skills to adapt to new situations, as well as independence and maturity.”


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