Tingley and Vigliarolo call play-by-play for Trine basketball games


Your ears weren’t playing tricks on you if you recently tuned into Trine basketball games and thought you heard a classmate. HAC majors Ben Vigliarolo and Grant Tingley got the call to do play-by-play for the recent openers of men’s and women’s basketball.

The two called the men’s opening game against Defiance College and the women’s home opener against Oberlin College (click links to listen). They got the opportunity when regular announcer Aaron Coyle was called away on business. However, this was not their first chance calling for WEAX radio. Tingley and Vigliarolo also called the NCAA Division III Softball Regional Championship Central last spring.

Vigliarolo noted that while the experience was exciting, it was also challenging. “The pace of play was very hard to adjust to,” he said. “But I think the hardest part would have to be explaining who was entering the game because our games were not close, so both teams used almost their whole rosters, and keeping track of stats with every player became difficult.”

HAC professor Justin Young said this is a unique opportunity that a small school like Trine affords. “Trine likes to pride itself on individualized attention to students that big state schools simply can’t offer,” he said. “This goes a step beyond that—it’s almost unheard of for students to be calling games their freshman and sophomore years.”

Vigliarolo revealed calling those softball games were made somewhat easier by the fact that he’s so familiar with baseball, playing it here for Trine. Still, the two worked hard at going beyond just calling the action by creating a rundown for the pregame show and finding storylines that would interest listeners. “Like Taylor Cole coming back for her senior year and Kameron Harrington who won a state championship,” Vigliarolo cited as examples. “I wanted to find cool stories about players to tell the audience because I felt that could help keep the audience more engaged.”

The two noted they would especially like to thank WEAX Operations Director Josh Hornbacher and Coyle for giving them the opportunity. You can listen to Tingley and Vigliarolo discuss sports weekly as part of the HAC 3 Strikes podcast hosted here on this site.


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