Dr. Young buys the bar a round to explain the intersection of race and alcohol in literature


On November 1, HAC professor Dr. Sarah Young presented as part of the Fall 2016 Humanities Symposia with her talk “Slaves to the Bottle: Alcohol and Race in the 19th-century U.S.”

A large number of students, faculty, and community members were in attendance. The video above is her complete talk with the question and answer discussion that followed. For a more detailed description of the talk, see below.

Americans have always liked a beer. In the early 1800s they liked two or three…or eight, with some whiskey on the side. The result of this national binge was an equally extensive anti-alcohol crusade. In this talk, Dr. Young will explore how the temperance movement became entwined with U.S. popular culture and its ideas about race, slavery and Andrew Jackson’s policy of Indian Removal.


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