Brevity is the soul of wit and Hamlet in this case


This April marks the four hundredth year of William Shakespeare’s death, and HAC has a lot planned to celebrate the famous playwright’s accomplishments.

To kick it all off, Monday April 4 from 7 to 8:30 pm in Trine University’s Fabiani Theater, HAC and the Humanities Institute are sponsoring a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. However, this is no ordinary performance. In fact, it is the entire show performed by one man in just under an hour and is aptly named Breakneck Hamlet.

Tim Mooney, the original adapter of the play at breakneck speed, performs Breakneck Hamlet. A type of performance called fringe shows inspires this concept. Fringe shows are plays performed very quickly with easy set-up and tear-down. They have to be performed at this pace because there is such a short time from when one play needs to end and the next needs to begin. For his performance, Mooney will have minimal props, no costume changes, and will be all over the stage. It will literally be a whirlwind performance.

The decision to sponsor this performance was an easy one, Professor Lou Ann Homan said in an interview. “It is an easy production to put on while being lively and energetic [for the audience],” she said. Professor Homan says they are expecting about two hundred people from the surrounding community to attend.

Breakneck Hamlet is the perfect thing to kick off HAC’s month of Shakespeare celebration. Along with this performance on April 21 at 7 pm, HAC will host the Cherry Blossom Festival that showcases Shakespeare’s sonnets. On April 26 as part the Humanities Symposia series, Dr. Tom Tierney is giving a presentation titled Shakespeare and PR: Presenting the Self. Starting April 1 and continuing through the entire month, Professor Homan will be performing what she calls Shakespeare Sonnet on the Square, reciting a sonnet every day at 4 pm between Angola City Hall and the Brokaw Theater.


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