GSA goes silent in order to speak out


The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) of Trine University will be participating in a National Day of Silence tomorrow, Friday, April 17. GSA members will not speak and will put rainbow tape over their mouths to advocate against bullying, especially of members of the LGBT community. Day of Silence was originally created to show how the LGBT community is often silenced about their sexuality. The silence represents their daily struggles.

“We appreciate everyone’s support in being silent…this greatly helps fight bullying of all kinds,” GSA president Christian Gaston said.

Trine GSA will also have a table in the University Center tomorrow morning from 11-2. “At the table, we will be passing out rainbow duct tape and markers for students to use. The students can place the duct tape over their mouth, arm, shirt, etc., and the marker can be used to write “No H8” for no hate, on the duct tape or on their arm or face,” Gaston said.

Trine’s GSA is advised by HAC professor Sarah Young, and looks forward to keeping the community updated on their events as it does for other student clubs advised by the department.


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Amanda Higbee is a Communication major and a Humanities minor. She is Vice President of Student Activities for the Mulitcultural Student Organization, as well as an intern for the Peace Corps. In 2014 she received the American Degree from FFA--their highest honor.